Enhanced Precision in Interventional Cardiology Procedures with APT Medical’s Elong™ Microcatheter

In the field of interventional cardiology procedures, precision and manoeuvrability are paramount. APT Medical introduces the Elong™ Microcatheter, a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the guidewire support to cross the lesion in complex PCI procedure. With its optimal support, superior crossability, multi-radiopaque markers, and other advanced features, this microcatheter empowers medical professionals to navigate complex anatomies accurately and efficiently. Let’s explore the remarkable features and benefits of the Elong™ Microcatheter.

Optimal Support for Enhanced Device Manipulation

The Elong™ Microcatheter features a stainless steel mesh braided structure that provides outstanding guidewire support and device manipulation. This innovative design ensures precise control during procedures, enabling medical professionals to navigate challenging anatomies confidently. The microcatheter’s PTFE inner layer minimizes resistance, allowing smooth guidewire advance operations.

Superior Crossability for Navigating Complex Lesions

Navigating complex lesions requires a microcatheter with superior crossability, and the Elong™ Microcatheter delivers precisely that. Its hydrophilic coating on the distal end enables smooth delivery, even in tortuous anatomy. The microcatheter’s slightly tapered design enhances its ability to track the complex lesions easily. The multi-durometer polymer tube offers a smooth transition and flexibility, enhancing manoeuvrability during procedures.

Clear Visualization with Multi Radiopaque Markers

Clear visualization is crucial during minimally invasive procedures, and the Elong™ Microcatheter incorporates multi-radiopaque markers to facilitate precise positioning. With 1 or 2 or 3 marker bands available, medical professionals can easily track the microcatheter’s location and alignment, ensuring accurate device placement.


APT Medical’s Elong™ Microcatheter revolutionizes the field of interventional cardiology procedures by offering enhanced precision and manoeuvrability. This microcatheter empowers medical professionals to navigate complex anatomies accurately and efficiently with its optimal support, superior crossability, and multi-radiopaque markers. APT Medical’s commitment to innovation and patient-centred design continues to shape the landscape of interventional cardiology procedures, ensuring improved outcomes and a superior experience for medical professionals and patients. The Elong™ Microcatheter proves to be a valuable tool in the pursuit of excellence in minimally invasive interventions.

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